• Dive Shops

    Comprehensive support available for new and existing dive centres

  • Courses & Training

    Includes Chamber, Compressor, Nitrox Membrane, Gas Blending and Cylinder Testing Operations and Procedures
  • Sales

    Products for all levels of industry: recreational, industrial and military

  • Film & TV Support

    A wide range of support services available and over 40 years experience

  • Manuals

    A vast collection of operations and planning manuals available

  • Industrial – Commercial

    Air Quality Testing
    Industrial Support
    Engineering Capability
    Specialised testing

  • Compressor Support

    Professional and prompt technical support available to meet all your needs

  • Gases for Industry

    Gases available for diving, shipping, rescue & industrial applications including Nitrox, oxygen, nitrogen, Tri-Mix, air and helium. 

  • Technical Services

    Dive system service and testing available for all levels of recreational, technical and commercial diving

  • Aviation Support

    Service and repairs available for Defence, Police, Westpac Helicopter, and NPWS Helicopter life support systems.

  • Oxygen Cleaning

    Oxygen cleaning of equipment is available to various certification levels pending customer requirements.

  • Mining Support

    Fabrication and service to Fast
    Fill Stations, compressor rental, and deployable containerised gas support systems





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