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Aviation Support

PDS Aviation – Aviation Support

Pro-Diving Services Pty Ltd have a range of services & products available to the Aviation Industry.

Oxygen Hose assemblies
Oxygen certified pressure gauges
Transport cases for specialised products
Nitrogen supply systems – Portable “Fly-Away”
Nitrogen recharging packages
Breathing systems for fuel tank inspection
Anti-static air supply hoses
HII Oxygen gas booster systems – Portable
Air recharging packages for refilling Helicopter Escape Systems

Refilling of Oxygen cylinders
Refilling of Nitrogen cylinders
Service to Helicopter Escape Aircrew Breathing Device ( HABD)

Pro-Diving Services Pty Ltd are the certified NSW service centre for service and repair of the HABD systems. These Emergency Breathing Devices are in current use with the Westpac Rescue Helicopters.

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