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Courses & Training

Pro-Diving Services Pty Ltd are ISO9001:2008 Quality Managed.

The company has been offering courses to the industry for 45 years and is a leader in many specialised fields.

We provide a number of Standard courses that are readily available to industry.
These courses include but are not limited to;

  • Chamber Awareness 30 metres & 50 metres
  • Compressor Awareness – various levels – various specialties
  • Chamber Operator
  • Compressor Operator
  • Nitrox Membrane Operator
  • Gas Blending
  • Cylinder Testing Awareness
  • Cylinder Test Station Preparatory


If you have a specialised requirement not listed in the above programmes, contact our office and our staff will be pleased to assist you where possible.

If we can’t provide you with a suitable course that you require, we’ll be pleased to recommend an alternative organisation that might be of assistance.

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