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Film & TV support

Pro-Diving Services have been involved in Film & Television support since 1969.
The company has provided a wide range of support services which have included;

• Talent

• Dive team support

• Support equipment

• Hire of equipment

• Design and fabrication of equipment

• Safety crew

• Technical advice

• Support water craft

• Venue / location support

The team at Pro-Diving Services are well adapted to be able to work with Film organizations and thus provide

a high standard of support.

Our involvement over the years has been utilised by, but not limited to the following television and film productions;


• Sirens

• The Beast

• Superman

• Stealth


• Kellogs Just Right

• John West

• Commonwealth Bank

• Norsca Spa

• Cold Power

• Liquid Drive

• Barcadi Rum

• Uncle Toby’s

• Ford

• Telstra

• Sprite

• Fab

• McDonalds

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