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Gases for Diving & Industrial Applications

Pro-Diving Services offer a wide range of specialised gases for both the diving, shipping, rescue & industrial applications.
Filling is done with NATA certified gauges. We have Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Helium analysers on hand to check mixtures.

PDS offer a wide range of Nitrox gas mixtures to the diving industry for commercial diving and recreational diving applications.
Mixtures up to 40% are produced from our Nuvair Nitrox membrane compressor system. No oxygen cleaning of cylinders is required. We simply dial in the mixture required and then start filling.
We use the Nuvair Voyager Nitrox membrane system for these fills.
Partial pressure blending for mixtures exceeding 40% is also available.
Mixtures are done with digital gauges to ensure accuracy.
Cylinders in this case do require to be oxygen cleaned and certified. This work is offered at our facility.
Expedientand accurate filling is on hand at our facility.
Cylinder rental is available. SCUBA or large G size (50 litre) cylinders for commercial gas supply. Cylinders packs are also available; 6 x G size, 12 x G size or built to order.

Oxygen filling with medical grade and ultra high purity oxygen is available. We carry a large supply of medical grade oxygen at our facility and specialise in refilling cylinders for many industrial, rescue and shipping organisations.
We can supply oxygen refilling up to 200 bar. A comprehensive range of filling connections are on hand so as to allow filling of most cylinders.

At our facility we can produce Nitrogen, however in many cases we boost Nitrogen via our HP compressors or booster. We can supply Nitrogen with pressures up to 350 bar and with purity from 99% to 99.6%.

PDS can supply and fill cylinders with Tri-mix mixtures. Whether it be a SCUBA cylinder or a G size cylinder we have the gas on hand. Our pricing is very competetive and we offer a fast turn-around.

Our large compressor system offers the ability to provide fast filling of bulk cylinders. Large filtration towers in conjunction with stringent filter management ensures high quality breathing air to our customers complying to AS2299.1

We carry bulk Helium supplies on hand and can offer helium in various capacities. We can supply gas transfers to smaller cylinders via our gas booster and have helium cylinders available for sale.

Cylinder rental
At Pro-Diving Services we have a large stock of rental cylinders available to suit all of the above gases and gas mixtures.
Commercial Diving & Industrial companies can order their specialised gas for diving operations. Order either individual cylinders or “Gaz-Packs”.
G size (50 litre x 200 bar and 50 litre x 300 bar)) are on hand at most times and can be filled with required mixtures to suit diving operations. We also have 350 bar cylinders on hand.


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