Mining Support

Pro-Diving Services are fully equipped to service
and build up a range of high pressure air and
nitrogen systems to support mining operations.



Services include:


   •  Transportable high pressure air & nitrogen charging systems

   •  Underground fast fill station fit outs and service

   •  Cylinder Inspection and Hydrostatic testing

   •  Compressor hire – diesel or electric

   •  Service to Oxygen systems

   •  Containerised support systems

   •  Trailer mounted high pressure air systems



The Pro-Diving Services facility is well equipped to support in-house operations as well as remote site work.


Our network also includes full machining and toolmaking capability thus allowing us to make any special fittings and fabricated systems.


High pressure portable cylinder packs for air, nitrogen & oxygen


In conjunction with our services, Pro-Diving Services carry a wide selection of gas fittings and support spares.


An extensive range of high pressure gas cylinders for air, nitrogen and specialty gases are in stock.


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