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Technical Services

PDS Technology

The PDS Technology Team

A number of recent projects in 2006 include:

Design and development of a reliable Fast Fill Station for Mine Escape
Submersible self-contained underwater thermic cutting systems
Nitrogen Generation systems for avaiation applications
Service scheduling of HUET systems for Helicopters
Nitrogen supply systems for Defence applications
Nitrox systems for Aquaculture Diving operations
Design & development of specialised gas manifolds & panels
Protocols for testing Defence Sonars at depth
Stainless steel filter elements for high pressure compressors

The PDS facility has a wide range of specialised testing equipment on hand that can be utilised by clients: These include;

Flow testing of compressor ouputs
Hydrostatic testing to 8,000 bar
Portable testing systems for in-field testing of hoses and pressure vessels
Temperature and RPM testing


Machining / turning
High precision machining and fabrication
Tube bending
Project management
Heavy fabrication
CAD Drawings

PDS proudly use Swagelok fittings for our high pressure gas fabrication systems.

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